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Fall is here. Trees are starting to change and the air is becoming more crispy.dscn2054-2
Children are back in school and learning new classes and friends.
Expectations change for everyone. Life is a series of schedules and lists to do.
We have enjoyed this season of ‘relaxing’, and just got back from a trip to the coast.
It was good and surprisingly nice. Normally we didn’t care for the area we decided to stay in.
But this time it was different, we looked at it through different eyes and mindset.
Before we had tent camped in the setting and it appeared dark and overcast with trees.
This time we were in a trailer and we were proactive in finding a site that was open and sunny.
What a difference it was, then we learned the trails all around us and walked them.
One day we hiked over five miles before we headed back to our trailer.dscn2101
We explored the city of Seaside one day and it was much different than we had remembered.
There was a very long boardwalk where we added in a mile or two on our walk.
A lovely beach setting with historical markers.

I found it very fascinating that we had gone this direction with a ‘mindset’ of what we had seen
many years ago and thought we would not enjoy it, but decided to give it a try one more time.
We even saw a ‘old fashioned phone booth that actually looked liked it worked.
Isn’t life like that? Change and surprises.
For instance I am on a new diet program and must eat high protein foods and lots of vegetables.
I have heard that hummus is very good for you. If you don’t mind garbanzo beans it’s a great snack.
Most of the kinds I have found have not been good and thinking there must be one out there I can like,
I kept looking. One day while shopping this one was on the shelf.
I love black olives actually olives of any kind, and then to add fresh vegetables and use it as a dip was a pretty good idea.
In fact today the thought came to me as I was eating a salad, the hummus could be used as a dressing if stirred into the salad.
Thinking new thoughts and out of the normal box is good for us.
Just as we discovered to not believe everything we thought we knew for sure.
We liked the campsite, we liked the day of exploring and now I like this new hummus.
If you are asking how do they ‘all fit into the same blog post?’
It’s all about change. Thinking differently. And being willing to learn new ideas.
How is it for you? do you like change