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I watch a little baby three to four days a week.
She is my nieces baby and her name is Liliana Olivia she is almost 10 months old.
I have enjoyed sharing this new time in my life with a little one.
Her cuddles and cuteness, her smiles and giggles are precious.
Although I feel my age most evenings since I am 55 and dealing with an almost toddler is tiring.
God really designed young mom’s to do this kind of work on a daily schedule.
Whenever I am with her I try to make it special and safe.
With babies consistency and repetition is very important to their development.
We have a new tradition every morning before our ‘day’ begins we sing our ‘special song.’ She sits on my lap and I say “ok let’s sing our song.” (I sing she listens)
I have to admit I made it up… and I am not really that creative.
But Lily doesn’t know that she just likes the tune.
I imagine the words could be anything at this stage of her life but I wanted ‘them to be positive’.
So join with me as I share this little song with you…

To the tune of ‘OL My darling Clementine’…
In the morning – In the morning – We will praise you – Father God
WE will thank you – We will praise you – In the morning – Father God.

She giggles and gives me a big smile as she claps her hands.
Sooo… cute… I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain me.
Semi retirement has been good :o)