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This month has flown by rather quickly for us.
Already it is the end of the month and wow… where does time go?
I have not met my ‘personal goals yet’.
Exercise and organization were on the list.
But I am slowing down and savoring quiet time and letting the
Lord teach and guide me through this guided quiet.
Silence is a great teacher.

God has shown me more than once that I must stop and listen to the quiet He is drawing me towards.
Yes there is wisdom in slowing down.
Yes there is healing in the quiet.
Yes we find truth when we reach inside ourselves and search the word of God and journal and let our words speak to the ‘hearts’ that wish to receive.
An online friend made this picture and it spoke to me.
How many times have we sat in the quiet by a fire and listened to the crackling logs, and felt the days pressures remove themselves as we bask in the warmth.
It is healing. Restoring. It is peaceful.
This year I choose to write more often with a deeper intent.
This year I plan on attending at least one writers conference and pursue the gift that God is moving me towards.
Someday maybe a book will form out of what is learned and experienced.
For now I choose to listen for words that bring hope and healing.
As we anticipate a new and different year.