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Sometimes life’s moments come in and interrupts our day.

We get out the calendar and focus on our ‘to do’ lists for the week.
Planning menus and shopping trips, work days and play days, what we need to prepare to get it all done.

Then a child will get sick. Or we get sick. Or the dog gets sick.
Or the car won’t start.
Or …. you fill in the blank.
We all have had those times of frustrations and disrupting moments.

Interruptions can rearrange our agenda and goals.
My question for us is how flexible are we?

If I have a plan … and another need ‘is more pressing’.
Do I grasp it with enthusiasm and an earnest desire to do what needs to be done?
Or do I grumble and complain and gripe
and have a bad attitude?
I have to admit I am sure I have done both.

Jesus was interrupted.
Throughout the New Testament he always had others rearrange his day. People with needs would come to him for healing and for teaching.
He accepted the interruptions as a time for ministry.
He healed others when it was not convenient or acceptable in the laws of the people.
He performed miracles when others could not provide.
It was all for a purpose.
When he took the fish and bread and made so much that there were buckets of left overs. He was glorifying the Father.
Everything He did… gave glory to the Father.

So for us… how does that move into our lives?
Can we examine our hearts and ask how well we receive interruptions.
It is not about me. It is about who I serve.
It is not about my selfish need to get MY things done first.
It is about my friend who is hurting and needs time to talk.
It is not about my selfish need to have quiet time alone.
It is about the child who wants to come see grandma and have quality time together.

I pray this writing challenges us all to be more ready for interruptions.
For it might be ‘that’ phone call…that is life giving to a soul,
or that smile, or that note in the mail, or that email.
It is taking time for others.
It is taking time for God.
It is Praying without ceasing for the endless needs around us.
Lord may we be people who are willing to be rearranged for your purpose
so that we might be able to serve others with a cheerful heart.