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I can’t believe I am so behind in the blog writing.
My goal has always been to write three times a week but lately it just hasn’t happened.
A season of dry ideas or thoughts?
Last week another bug that had me down for a few days. It was so nice to just rest and rest more and do nothing. Even surprised myself by going to bed and really resting without tv or music in the background.
It was very restful.
Life seems to be throwing curve balls as each day begins or maybe each month.
Someone said: “Adversity re-defines ones character.”
If that is true then our characters have really been re-defined this year.
In three months my husband had rotater cuff surgery on his shoulder, then he reacted badly to something they gave him in the hospital and he had a severe rash that was more like a second degree burn leaving his skin peeling all over his back, arms, face shoulders this situation involved two visits to the emergency room then recently he has a surgery for skin cancer. In the process of all this he is still doing physical therapy for his shoulder surgery.
It is only April and so much has taken place.
Do I need to explain why we both feel tired?
God will keep protecting us. Life will go on.
But I do pray for a small break in the crisis department. 
Thank you for your patience as I slowly move back into the writing it has been a bit challenging lately.
How has your life been?