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Life has been a bit crazy lately.
Our daughter and her three daughters are living with us for a season and it has been both wonderful and challenging.
The biggest challenge has been driving the girls to school every day.
It is a 35 mile drive each way from our home.
That equals 140 miles per day.
Driving… driving… driving which also includes munching on snacks,
waiting…for school to get out and driving more.
When it is my turn to drive I leave at 6:45 am dropping the 3rd graders off  before 8 am then I drive the 8th grader to her school and we wait till 8:20 and then I head back home arriving at 9:20 on a good driving day.
Then I have to leave near 1:10 to pick the little girls up at 2:30 and then we drive back to the middle school for a 3:30 pick up (which means we wait) then we head home and arrive near 4:30. Last week there were auditions for the talent show and I got home around 6:00 pm.
We only have to do this till June 12th at that point we will celebrate.
If you wondered where my blogging has gone this grandma is a tad busy and will return after the 12th.
(Oh I will return before that but it won’t be intense writing my brain is not ready for that yet)
We are happy to have them here with us.
We are even more happy they are safe and protected.
We are learning to adjust and be flexible.
What are you learning these days?