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I have a question for you.
Our Pastor asked us the other day:
Can you identify your life changing moments?
The moments in time when you did a direct turn around and life as you knew it was different.
Remember when I shared my testimony about how God heard the prayers of an unsaved broken little 15 year old.
Who didn’t know how to pray to a Holy God?
He heard the prayer anyway… He listened…He stopped and saw through my empty self and discarded rules about prayer.
He was more concerned about my heart condition.
Life changing moments can be any thing and can be very different for each of us.
We all have had them and it really would be good to take notice of them.

My first: the answer to prayer from a searching heart
My second: the saving love of a Savior to someone who didn’t understand love
My third: the protection and deep abiding compassion of a Savior who cared for me

There are many many more life changing moments but these are just a sample.
Do you remember yours?
Can you write them down and document them?
What were they and how did they effect you?
How old were you when they happened?
I challenge you to remember…it is important to your walk with the Lord.
Just as in the old testament when things were done and recorded we too should record our ‘life changing moments’ so we can tell others.
I am sure the disciples could all identify and remember when Jesus came by them and said, “Come follow me.”
I am sure the women at the well could identify and remember every word when Jesus said to her, “Go and sin no more.”(especially after she realized HE knew her life for what it was).
I am sure the blind man who was given sight could identify and remember exactly how Jesus gave light to his dark world.
I am sure the crippled man who had been on the mat for 30 plus years could identify and remember the words that were said when he picked up his mat and started to walk for the first time.
Life changing… moments in time… where all of a sudden you know this will be a different day.
You remember the words, the conversations, the tone of the moment?
Can you remember them… the ones that forever changed you?
Pastor said to us, “Decide what will hold you back and what will it take to find a new passion for God.” We cannot hold back we must move forward and move past our blocked heart condition.
Your life changing moments were not accidental they were orchestrated by God the Almighty.
Isn’t that enough to bring new passion for Him?
I challenge you today to remember and thank Him for the moments in time that changed you forever.