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Yesterday while doing the laundry, watering plants and just putzing around I turned on the movie ‘The Bucket List’.
I didn’t realize it was just starting and rarely do I allow myself time to watch something like that during the day especially since I had seen it before.
During the ‘watching’ I had forgotten how good the story line was.
The main actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson seem to be an unlikely duo yet they end up becoming very special friends.
The whole purpose of the movie is to challenge the thought process about dying.
Just because someone has a diagnosis of ‘pending death’ it does not have to mean stop living right now.
The concept of making a bucket list is a wonderful one.
The question to ask yourself or those around you.
What would you want to do in your life at some point in time before you die?
What would you want to see or experience?
In the movie the men made a list of what they wanted to do.
Some were pretty amazing and even perhaps dangerous but when some one has a terminal illness how dangerous could life be?
The choice to live it…was a profound and good choice.
I think it was positive and the concept showed a great way of adapting.
I like the challenge.
So often someone will get a bad ‘phone call’ from the doctor and then all the ‘protocol’ takes place to ‘heal’ the person and sometimes the attempted cure is worse than the initial illness.
I am not putting down chemotherapy or radiation or any other ‘ways’ to manage a serious illness.
I have seen people in my life do both and they gained time by doing them.
The question is what kind of quality time?
It just seems like the ‘reality is’ we need to begin to live fully in the best way we can right where we are… today.
Live more fully. Love more intensely.
Write letters of closure if one needs to do that.
Write letters deep from your heart.
Perhaps for the first time say what you really feel and share it with someone.
A bucket list is a wonderful concept perhaps even if no one is terminal.
We each have a life and how we choose to live it is our challenge.
Let’s not wait until we have a ‘reason’ to create a bucket list.
Let’s begin to live now.