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I cannot imagine another year beginning, it feels like we had Christmas way too soon.
Getting older has it’s share of problems and watching time move in a very swift way is one of them.
I just had another birthday, and so far the sixties have been pretty good.
We are financially set, health is good, and we are emotionally well.
I have no complaints. This has been a pretty smooth year, with not a lot of intense losses which is good.
As the new year begins I find myself thinking of what can be done to make this one different.
I’m not making a new years resolution for they usually don’t finish or succeed.
What can be done is to write down and prioritize the things that have worked for us and find ways to make them integrate in the life we choose to live.
There is a goal of maintaining better health, which includes changing the way we purchase food.
We have been moving in the direction of organic and healthy now for a few years.
It is more expensive but also more healthy and with long term results.
I need to get in a more ‘regular writing’ space.
It is important to keep this open and to challenge myself to find the words and encouragement for others.
I am beginning to clean out dressers, boxes and closets and purge out the old and worn.
By nature I am a sentimental messy but that does not mean it has to control my every corner.
Order brings calm and in creating this calm I need to focus on how to get it done and how to keep it.
New goals are exciting bringing to us new visions of what change may look like.
I am not only anticipating our personal goals to succeed but also goals as a couple.
We have plans for redoing our home and just as the physical space needs refreshed; our spiritual space can be also.
When I think of the air of expectancy surrounding the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story.
I am reminded of the air of expectancy for Jesus to return as he promised he would.
The story is not over. Even so we can still plan for a new year and for change to happen.
Until the Lord comes I will continue to write, continue to share and continue to pray for the lives of others.
The ending of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 is upon us.
May we anticipate a new awareness of an exciting year to come.  Let us be intentional with purpose.
Are you ready?