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Psalms 81:1 (NAS)
“I will sing of the loving kindness of the Lord forever, to all generations I will make known your faithfulness with my mouth.”

Throughout the years, I have been collecting pretty china and crystal pieces.
Along with special books, dolls and other assorted things, given to me by my grandmother and other significant people.
In the hopes that some day, I can pass them on to my children, and then their children.

Many hours spent planning and purchasing, and thinking of what would be special to hand down. For I wanted to leave something of value and significance to our children. We purchased Royal Doulton Old Country Rose china, a set of 12 with the intention of splitting in half a set of six for each child’s family.
My grandmother started me on this collection, by giving her dessert sets to me.
Rather than have a mix and matched china collection I kept on with this one.
I have beautiful crystal pieces. Even my parents and I think my grandmothers sterling silverware set, minus a few forks or knives. (Somehow I did manage to get them in spite of our sad growing up years)
All of these have value.
All of these are wonderful and thoughtful.
After I read this verse,
‘to all generations’ … I realized something.
Something profound, a soft reminder in my heart.
God is speaking, I silence my heart to listen.
Giving my children or grand children beautiful things to admire or show off in their homes is nice. Nothing wrong with the idea.
The verse is saying, to all generations I will sing, of the loving kindness of the Lord. I will make known your faithfulness, with my mouth.
My most important ‘thing’ I can give to my children and grandchildren is the legacy of God’s love. In the hopes that as I would give china or crystal that they would value. God’s love and faithfulness would become far more valuable to their life than a china cup. I desire to hand to them something of purpose.
I don’t have to literally sing to them as the verse says, but our children remember the old southern gospel music playing every Saturday night.
As they fell into a deep peaceful sleep down the hall.
This means, to share God’s love and pass the ‘grandmother baton’, to all generations, so that they will know that God is faithful and kind and has endless love for them.
I will make known.
That means I talk, I share, I pray, I encourage the ways of the Lord to them.
Thank you God for showing me.
A different new legacy of love for all generations even after I am gone.
I pray that each one of them
will find value, purpose and meaning from your heart of love for them.
Passed down from a legacy of faith, from a mom and grandma who loved.