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Mom O was a prayer warrior ~
 you knew every day at 9 am she would have her bible on the table along with her prayer list
and she would pray her list till it was over.
She would fight spiritual battles for many.
She fought a physical battle last year for herself.
Years ago she had fought breast cancer and won.
This time it was more involved and she asked the doctors 
about her choices and she chose surgery and chemotherapy. 
The journey was not easy.
She had a major surgery in her 80’s hoping to win the battle again.
The cancer came back in her pancreas.
She dealt with the ups and downs of doctor’s appointments and treatments for about a year and a half.
On May 8th a day before Mothers day 2010 she left us
 and when she left we felt the hole in our hearts.
She left us with a legacy of hope and prayers
 and wise counsel even though she said little.
We all knew her heart was for us to do better.
To love God. To love our families.
To be honest and accountable.
To right wrongs done and to live justly.
Mom O we loved you.
Not a day goes by that you are not missed.
Yet we know what a mothers day reunion you had with your son and your grandson who you never met.
I bet the angels were happy to receive another grandma to love on the little ones.
Today is Mothers day.
A day to honor mom’s who are with us and those who are not.
May our memories be a scrap book of happy and sad moments.
You were unique and really a mom to many.
We remember you mom O.
Your legacy of love was a gift to us and we thank you.
A bouquetof flowers
A son sharing from his heart
(my husband).
A well worn Bible.
A smile on her 60th wedding anniversary
A family together in a picture so long ago.