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On our way out of Haggerman park there was a wonderful little ‘sculpture’ site we had to take pictures of, they were really amazing.
IMG_1345 (2)
IMG_1340 (2)
IMG_1343 (2)
After taking the time for pictures we moved on down the valley thinking we could find a place to stay. Had a few ‘sites in mind’ but we ended up with no luck.
Upper Idaho had some areas a lot of people liked around the sawtooth mountains and there were no campgrounds were available.
I called this next site ‘our pause’… because Larry had told me we needed to dump our ‘black water’ and I said ‘yes we do if we are off camp ground’ sites. So we dropped half of our team in a hot site so they could hold it, and we moved up toward the town of Stanley to dump our trailer in a forest ranger dump station.
We didn’t like the area we settled in, but it would be ok for a night. After returning from our ‘dump’ trip we came back and our team had found a shady much better site for us to stay in. God had provided and we were thankful.
We ended up in a pretty shady spot, and it was way better than what we thought.
We stayed there two nights, with no hook ups for our trailer but ok.
During that stay we had a few days to play so we saw the sawtooth mountains and had a play day which we all needed. Here you see Bruce on of our guys way high on top of this mountain, and my husband was on the trail taking the picture.
DS CN1693
The sawtooth mountains were amazingly beautiful.
We tried to camp near them but the grounds were full so we were happy to just play for the day and enjoy the lake-time spent together.
We had a lunch and some played in the water and we enjoyed the beauty of the landscape around us knowing how blessed we were to have a safe and enjoyable trip. It had been hot but we managed and the trip was only less than half over so on to the next journey.