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On Fridays Lisa-Jo
has a group that shares specific words and then bloggers write about it.
The rule is to write for five minutes straight with no editing.
Today I am joining for the first time.

Taking a risk.
I have learned all about taking a risk when this blog began.
Being a private person by nature I would write in journals kept only for myself or for ‘chosen trusted ones’.
I would journal and write and then one day the Lord lead me to the blogging world.
I took a risk and created one.
I took another risk and pushed publish.
I took another risk and continued to write and sometimes invite others to join me in the process.
Then I took another risk and started to comment on others blog sites.
Then I took another risk and this year I opened the blog up to a public status.
It is all about risk taking.
Removing control and taking the RISK to be known.
Becoming less private and still being careful about what is shared.
But learning to write openly and honestly and seeing that some people are blessed by it.
I think I did that in five minutes or less with no editing.