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We continued to grow as a family, of four. God blessed us with Christopher then Sarah our daughter.
We moved to an apartment when Sarah was tiny, she learned to crawl and try to walk there.
It was in this house we also inherited a dog named Noah and a black cat. We found Noah at a pet store, where we walked by one day. The ad said, ‘cockapoo puppies’ and I thought that would be a wonderful ‘play dog’ for our children.
To this day we have a little laugh about our ‘choice of’ puppy, he was definitely not what the store had said they were selling to us. We learned we should never trust a pet store.
There was NO poodle or cocker in him. We think he was a mix of shepherd, corgi or beagle.DSCN0685 (2) He was a wonderful dog for us for many years, giving us many memories for our children. He left our ‘home at age 15 or so’, the beginning of our many good-byes.
Our cat arrived on our back porch patio. One day we found a litter of kitties as we looked out the door and I don’t remember how many or the fine details of the story but we ended up keeping a runty size black one. Then we found homes for the others.
We named him Spook. Here is a very old picture of him.DSCN0693
He was a mighty hunter and when we moved into our first home of our own, you would often find him outside guarding the home.
We called him our guard cat as he would chase dogs and other ‘unwelcome’ pets off our property. One day he even brought home a pheasant.
He looked like he won but there was a great fight in the process. Poor guy he had the battle scars to prove it to us.
Oh it was a fun little life, of children, and a dog and a cat and wood stove too.
In this house, our first home God protected us two times from a house fire. The first was in our garage and the second was in our kitchen.
This is also the house where every Saturday night we would faithfully play, the Old Southern Gospel radio station on KPDQ and the children would go to sleep listening to the old ‘down home music’ as they drifted off to sleep. There were many memories of good and some bad but that is the way it is when we live life together.
The story continues and moves on, into more learning as parents and living as a family.