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On day eleven of the writers challenge the word for us is declutter.
He basically said to make our writing space clean and clutter free.
If the desk is messy we need to clean it up.
He also said good preparation requires calm and clear thinking.
If our work space is cluttered with a variety of other things it might be harder for us to focus on what we are trying to share with others.
The goal for us is to change the way we process and write.
His advise was to keep the word count to a minimum.
If we normally use 500 words to say something we are supposed to bring that count down to 200 and learn to say the same thing with shorter content.
I think if someone is reading this and not writing anything down they can still be a part of the declutter challenge.
In fact my sister and I have the saying:
“Do you like it or do you love it” our answer to that question determines the fate of the item we are dealing with.
Decluttering our homes can be very simple and very freeing.
Decluttering our writing skills can be that way too.
Let’s encourage each other to not only rid our homes of what we don’t want or need and also remove content in our writing that is not helpful to the whole piece we are trying to share.
The time to declutter is now.
Are we up for the challenge?