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On day nine of our writers challenge the word is connect.
He said ‘great writers connect with other writers’.
I am not totally comfortable with the ‘great’ concept but I understand what he is telling us to do.
When my blog began it was all new territory and I had no idea what I was doing.
There were blogs I enjoyed and after reading them I would place a comment because I knew each blog took  time and effort and even a small word to someone was better than none.
Sometimes the writers would comment back to me, sometimes they wouldn’t.
Some of them have become good friends of mine even though we have never met.
He said for us to find friends, then fans, then patrons.
Friends are those doing the same journey we are doing.
Fans are those who comment on your blog and give positive affirmation.
(don’t you just wonder why they comment or what keeps bringing them back to your blog?)
Patrons are those who are in the writing industry with you and who can give good feedback and help you grow. They go before you and challenge you in the journey.
Part of this assignment is learning to reach out and ask for what you need as a writer.
The assignment or challenge is to find a friend, fan and patron (one of each) and ask nothing of them but their time.
Make an invite for them to meet you for coffee or whatever and do it as soon as possible.
Then come back to the challenge and let others know how it went for you.
The whole process of writing is learning how to connect.