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This afternoon mom O rallied in spirit and in voice.

She wanted water to drink and she really wanted out of her bed.

That is not possible she can barely move on her own and to move her much will cause her great pain. Yesterday she said nothing all day today she talked to several people and said to my husband as we were leaving, “tonight I will do it.”

We aren’t sure what that meant but we can only wait and watch as the process of her leaving continues. She did manage to drink water from a straw and opened her eyes too.

We are amazed and I think we are watching little miracles each time she rallies and is able to speak to family. The down side is this is really hard on dad for he wants her to sit up and chat with him and go back to crocheting. I know hope is there in his eyes as he rushes over to her side and pats her arm and says to her, “we will just sit here together ma.”
Her journey of death has not been like any book or formula written on the process of letting go.
She is dancing to her own dance and she is the only one who can hear the music. The dance of death is unique and individual for everyone of us.
It is sacred and holy.
Like a birth of a new baby this birth is just as intensive as we stand by and watch the one laboring.
We pray for her passage from this life to the next and in that process we are learning about life, love and relationships. Pray with us as we continue to keep watch… over our loved one.