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The last post I did was just for a bit of fun.
It seems like the world is crazy these days.
So much around us is changing and seems to be on a downward scale.
We do know for sure that God is in control of all and even though
we do not understand or like many of the changes or behaviors of some people.
He is IS in control and He does know the direction
of where it is all going.
What matters most to me is safety for those I love and care for.
Peace in the areas we all live.
Hope in the midst of suffering.
Freedom where it is risky to be free.
Trust in Our Almighty God’s wisdom and love for us.
He is a God who designed and made us in his own image.
I pray you all find yourselves safe and away from harm.
We are living in times that are shaking and changing
let us go into the house of Lord and pray.