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We had planned for many months and tried to think of the many ways we could go on this trip. My husband and his sister did most of the planning and we also wanted to leave a little bit of room for change or play. It ended up being a 2,840 mile trip.
We saw many lovely barren landscapes. Many points of interest and even a few mountain goats and cows in our road. It was a hot season, next time we might try for a cooler month, it was also buggy at times. Again a different season would help.
We began in Oregon and then moved forward to Idaho then even moved forward to Montana and then back to Idaho and then back to Oregon.
It was a lot of driving, some playing and some sleeping.
When we went down the ‘The gorge’ as they call it in Oregon.
We saw a lot of wind turbines, they are pretty awesome I think.
Large and not too obnoxious in looks.
Some people feel they ruin the beauty of the landscape but I can think of much worse things to look at.
IMG_1219 (3)
Our first night we were heading to Union Creek campground in Baker, County.
It was the beginning of many long stays ahead of us.DSCN1518
We had our trailer, the other part of our team had a tent, and with both guys driving we managed to cover many miles.
The adventure continued for two more weeks.
Our trailer has a built in awning with a light inside. At night we would turn the soft light on and then have a campfire and it set up the rest of the ending of our day … till the next one began.DSCN1526DSCN1522