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It’s hard for me to believe I have taken a few months break from writing.
I always write and I always have something to say.
These days have been a continuation of changes.
Our oldest granddaughter Faith Elizabeth is moving to Montana. She quit her job and said her goodbyes.
It is a heart breaker for me, but I have to know the change, the new start, new relationship and job will be good for her.
I pray she finds a church that can help her grow and mature.
she was our first, experience as grandparents and as a nicu baby born early we learned about the tiny ones.
Then our oldest grandson got married. It was short and sweet and with no frills.
They have dated five years, so it was time for them to make the decision happen.
They seem to be happy and ready to take on this new life decision.
Our other granddaughter one of the twins is having a baby (our first great grandchild) any day now.
She is having a little girl and as soon as we get the news, we will be in our trailer to go visit.
So many changes for this grandma.
It is ok I can manage the big feelings.
God is allowing us the opportunity to experience this wave of emotions.
He is with us.
We have our other twin doing well, and two other grandsons who are doing well.
One is driving now, that is a bit scary but it’s all a part of growing up.
My goal has always been to leave a legacy.
I want our grandchildren to think of us as those who loved.
Who prayed. Who supported.
I rarely say no if they ask me for something.
It is a privilege to be a grandma.
I remember my own with different emotions and feeling they, both were extremely different.
It’s hard for me to believe I have taken a pause, a break and a rest from writing.
I will be back soon.