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As I mentioned in the last writing we moved to a two story home on a corner lot, with larger rooms to live in.
Now that I think of it years later, we were funny to do this kind of move when our other ‘home’ would have worked for us.
No point in thinking backwards, we have been here now for many years and this feels like home to me.
When we first moved here I didn’t like it. It was dark, the sun had different ways coming into the windows, it was not our home, not the home we built or raised our children in.
I don’t do change easily probably because of the background I came from. I like things to stay the same.
We both worked fulltime so we were here evenings and weekends.
There is a lot more yard to take care of and having two stories was a new experience, that I thought I wanted. Now I am learning differently.
A single level would be perfect with no stairs. As we get older the up and down is not safe anymore, I always have to hang on to the railing.
We became grandparents in this home, the only home they have ever known for us.
We struggled through the year of our 25th anniversary then a baby came.
It brought us hope and a new meaning of grandma and grandpa. We worked on our relationship and continued to make it work.
After Faith was born I stayed home to be with her for close to four years, it was the beginning of healing for me.
To sit and rock and love on that precious tiny baby, it was good for me to slow down and rest.
In this house we have had a variety of different surgeries and illnesses.
In this house we have learned about hospice, and healing on many levels.
In this house we have lost pets, and gained some. We have lost parents and friends.
We have grown apart then back together again.
We have had, the good times and the bad and yet we remained together.
The journey has not always been easy but no journey is.
In this house I began my writing process and have created a place for ‘sharing my heart.’
Larry was the one who suggested it.
After I left my last job I didn’t know what to do with myself.
The grand children were all in school. I watched my nieces little baby and yet I needed something else.
He suggested that I write. He wanted me to tell my story or at least a part of it.
When I was working there was never time or energy to do anything like that.
I took advantage of her nap times and then shut myself in the den room, and began the process of ‘writing’.
It has been quite the learning process. I focus on topics and self made deadlines.
I love being my own boss.
In this house we are growing old together. We are creating memories and finding who we are as a older couple.
Soon Larry will be retired, he will have one more serious surgery and then we will begin the time of recovery once he is home.
It will take time but our hope is the ability to travel and see things we have never seen. And of course move one more time.
God will guide us to the right home, and the right setting with the right ‘people’ to help us move.
It will be good. It is always good when we follow his leading.