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It was November 3rd 1973.
We were young. We had no idea what we were doing, I was 18 and he was 19.
I could cook Kraft macaroni and cheese and top ramen noodles, oh and hamburger helper too.
We chose a autumn theme with colors of gold, yellow, green, brown and white.
I paid for the wedding. His mom made the wedding cake and my grandma made my dress.
The wedding was simple. The church was pretty.
(probably the last time I will get him to wear a yellow tuxedo)

Our youth Pastor did our ceremony and many years later, we were able to meet him again and give him a huge hug.It wasn’t too long till we had a son who now has three boys and a daughter who has three girls.
Grand children are the best.
We adore each of them and pray constantly for their health and happiness and that they will walk and know the Lord at some point in their lives.
It has been 48 years. Many changes, much growth, many pages turned in a book of life together.
We have lost parents and siblings, and good friends too.
Life is always a series of changes and growth.
Now we enter into retirement and growing old through good and bad.
As the ceremony said, in sickness and in health, richer or poorer till we part from each other.
For now we journey along and thank God for every year we spend making memories. Happy Anniversary to us!
It was November 3rd, 1973.