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So how is the new year treating you?
Are those new years resolutions
(meaning: resolve, determination, perseverance, tenacity; strength and fortitude)
staying strong and firm or are we slacking yet?
I am including myself in this question.
Lately we have had a few snow days and one intention of mine was to go out and walk in it.
To enjoy the ‘beauty’ of the wet crispy stuff on the ground and breathe in the fresh cold air.
My heart wanted to do this but my body was saying ‘cold snow’ means ‘cold feet’ which means ‘cold toes’ which means you will pay for it later. (I have some circulation issues)
At age 57 I can’t do what I used to get away with.
I generally pay for it if I don’t make good choices for myself.
So I chose to stay home and take care of myself and watch the snows beauty from the inside.
As I sat with my coffee the list of things to do grew by the minute.
Finish the ironing.
Work on writing projects.
Organize several rooms.
There is always so much to get done and it often seems we have little time or motivation to do it.
The allure of a good book and a quiet room by a fire was capturing my attention.
It is always easy to move away from what is not so fun and replace it with was is fun.
Writing is high on the list, as I sit next to the ironing pile.
Denial is wonderful in some circumstances
not so wonderful when one is working on the betterment of oneself.
Remember the concept of sabotage and how subtle it can be for us?
I do believe someone once said that creative people just figure out how to be more creative in the midst of what needs to be done.
Perhaps this week has been a challenge for you too.
The intentions of our hearts are important.
We cannot out talk them, over direct them or ignore them.
We must purpose an attitude towards our goals and allow our hearts to achieve them.
So how ARE you doing?