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The success of emotional integrity lies in the one who holds the rein’s.

This was on a blog I read today …
as I began to process it the question came up for me
about what it meant to be a person of ’emotional integrity.’

Emotional integrity… those are powerful words.

Emotion equals feeling…Integrity equals adherence to moral and ethical principles.
So to have success within these powerful words one would have to have full rein and control of what comes out of ones mouth, heart and actions. I see the picture of a rider upon a horse with the reins in his hands suggesting the horse to go left or right by the pressure of the rein.
What a challenge that is for us as God leads us through different situations.
He knew it would be hard for us to control our ‘words’ it is written all through out scripture to be wise and careful.

I think we all know some one who struggles with emotional integrity. They confuse the average persons thinking. They are hard to follow and hard to read. They are difficult to understand. They create turmoil. They are not authentic or real in relationships.
Someone I know said to me one time, “that is just the way I am… I say what I feel and I voice my opinion.”
At the risk of saying anything too harsh right now, I struggle with that kind of ‘attitude’.
Emotional integrity is being true to oneself, being honest with oneself and being honest with God.
Does that give us the right to be ‘brutally honest’ to others just because that is the way we are?

I submitted a writing to a publishing site for a critique. The goal for me was to receive an opinion and guidance as to how to write better and with more ‘depth.’ The critique came back to me and left me feeling very encouraged. They were positive and they also gave me direction and suggestions on what would make ‘the’ writing even better.
It was helpful and just what I had hoped for.
Instead of sending me the message… your writing is awful… quit trying.
They encouraged me to press forward and reach further into the heart of the message.
I really valued that critique. It was powerful in words, and in depth and in feelings.
Emotional integrity is something we all can work on as we move through this journey of life.
I challenge us all to take hold and strive to be successful in our actions, motives and thoughts.
And encourage each other in the process.