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In this place we call home; there have been many memories shared.
We have lost dogs and cats while facing their age related issues.
We have lost friends and family; both sets of our parents have passed away while living here.
We have had ups and downs in our relationship with each other and we have come out stronger in the end.
We have seen a preemie grand daughter grow from a peanut to a cashew (as I jokingly call her).
We have had six grand children call this ‘our grandpa and grandma’s home’.
We were even surprised with a set of identical twins, and then three grandsons later from our son.
We have had experience with hospice when my sister was here, in our family room resting in a hospital bed.
We have had experience with detox and desperation; then healing and hope when after six weeks she survived.
We have known God was with us through the many health issues; illnesses and aging.
We have forged our way through knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, and other major surgeries.
We have been in complete shock when the mumps hit me two times when I was 55, then shingles.
We have faced retirement and settling into a new routine; while living in this place we call home.
We have taken trips we never thought of doing; flying to Hawaii and driving to Seattle.
We have purchased a travel trailer and a large towing vehicle while living in this place.
We have also retired my old Toyota and then purchased a new Kia soul.
We have faced our ‘aging issues’ head on, doing what we know we must do to survive them.
We knew that would include a move to a single level home.
We have seen miracle after miracle that God has provided throughout the journey of our life together.
We know our next phase, our next season; will be blessed as we seek to follow Him who gives us life.
In this place we call home, we pack and will leave this chapter soon.
As we drive away to another home; I will claim these verses.
[My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.] (NIV)
[My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood — in safe houses, in quiet gardens.] (message)