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In the middle of a potential move; I am both challenged and excited.
When you are packing and organizing and getting things cleaned out, you find out how messy you really are.
For example, dusting is not high on my list. I will vacuum and dust around things but to actually remove things and really dust, it doesn’t happen often.
So as we stir the dust around while moving things I see how very much I need a house keeper or in the very least a good schedule for cleaning.
We have our hearts set on one home but it is an estate and if our house does not sell, we will miss the opportunity to get it.
That will be so disappointing, so we are feeling hopeful and trusting in this process as much as possible.
Boxes are arranged to look good even in the middle of ‘storage’ and containment setting.
I have rearranged bits of each room to look better than it did.
We get used to the ‘casual lived in look’ and only until something like this takes place, where we really clean then we realize how little effort we make to keep it nice.
Our home is not dirty. It is not overly cluttered. I have collections and items that need to be maybe moved out.
We try to do the ‘like it or love it’ decision or is it sentimental and we must keep it.
After 45 years of marriage we have stored and carried many things.
Each move was one of ‘let’s take it and store it till that someday’ when we will finally go through it.
For example my grandparents gave me a hope chest for my high school graduation.
It is pretty and I like it, but I have not opened it for probably 30 years. I have no idea what is in it.
I have a roll top desk that is the same way, it gets cleaned out about every 4 or 5 years. I can’t tell you what is in it.
Moving is a way to start over, start new and fresh and if we get the home we like it is going to be very nice and needing nothing.
I am trusting in this process and change, pray with us for this to happen.