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Finding topics with words and content and just not knowing
what to share has been really hard during this thirty one days of challenge.
Not wanting to repeat myself and not wanting to appear boring
I struggle with the writings.
They say a habit is broken in thirty one days if someone wants to change.
What about a thirty one day challenge to write more and with more intent?
Does it make it easier or harder?
It is challenging.
It is interesting.
I push myself and words are not available
it is like they are hiding in some dark place waiting
for a light to turn on and expose them.
At the same time I get feedback that the words written have been a blessing
so it must be a matter of my heart only.
My love of writing has gripped me for the good
but some days it pushes me to limits I cannot go near or complete.
Thirty one days of a challenge might be too long.
Continue to be patient with me and prayerful.
I will press forward in prayer too.