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In March of 2020 I was able to ring the bell for the last time bringing my treatment for breast cancer to a close.
No more radiation and allowing myself time to recover from surgery and fatique.
It was a good and exciting time.
I am not ever going to allow that to be minimal. It was a huge, big deal in my life.
This month I began my third year of recovery.
They give you five years to move past the first experience before they say ‘you are free’. I pray for good news.
This month is also our son’s birthday, our daughter’s birthday, our grandson’s birthday, our daughter in law’s birthday, an anniversary and another birthday. crazy busy.
I bought cards and stamps for the mail to go out.
I still believe in the old-fashioned handwritten cards.
Then I heard someone we know had major surgery, then others have significant days or moments.
It is all a part of listening and paying attention to those around us.
I know when I was recovering, a few handwritten cards meant so much.
I put them in my ‘cancer’ recovery folder.
It has been very dark and dreary outside. Oregon rains producing fall like weather.
I am SO ready for warmth. Sunshine and spring and summer.
I found out my old boss passed away, in fact both of the pharmacists that I worked with passed away just a few months apart.
Life has a way of creating memories and the passing of time.
I sure feel it as I get through each month.
Getting older is not for the faint of heart. One has to get focused and do their best to let this journey pass well.
Let our life shine so others can see our positive energy and hope even in the middle of the hard moments.
In March of 2020 I was able to ring the bell.