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In between the holidays we plan and save and wonder what our ‘December’ will look like.
There is often shopping to do, meals to make, plans to see others and even some down time for ourselves.
December 1st brings a new ‘sense’ of festivity and wonderment.
I normally post the ‘Christmas story’ in broken down pieces making it live and real to the reader.
Most likely will do it again this year. We never get tired of the story.
Then we dig into the garage for Christmas trees and boxes of ornaments.
Decorations that show the meaning for the season are displayed for mostly just us.
I am not into a lot of hospitality and having others over.
It is a stress to me. I desire to enjoy the season just in a quiet relaxed way.
Gifts are thought out and planned. Cards will be picked out and mailed once we get them back from snap fish who makes photo gift cards.
I actually love this season although often it is not kind to me as I tend to get a bug that needs antibiotics.
So far I seem to be making progress in a natural way.
We try really hard to make this season a time for relaxation and no stress.
If we have to go into debt to make it wonderful it will not be a good thing; so we pay with cash and do what we can to purchase simple gifts.
I love this time of worship and we are already playing Christmas music.
The songs bring joy and warm ‘cozy’ feelings and minister to our ‘spirits’.
I pray your in between time is also a relaxing ‘planning’ time.
Let’s make our almost end of the new year a good one as we remember the reason why we celebrate.