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If someone would have told me my heart would expand
to love more than my two children
I am not sure I would have believed them

But when those two children had three children of their own
my heart was filled to over flowing love and joy and wonderment and adoration and praise.

We started our life as grandparents with one
then one became three
then three became six and
now we are so incredibly blessed to know and love each one of them.
Each are different. Each are individual. Each are unique.
Even the twins are very different from each other.

If someone would have told us that having each one of these  precious little people would add to our family in ways that we could ever imagine.
Would I have believed them?

Would I have believed them if they told me my daughter would have three daughters
and two would be identical twins?
OR my son would have three sons?

If someone would have told me that being a grandparent is the most precious, most rewarding, most exhausting, most challenging and the most reason to pray.
Would I have believed them?