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The other thing I wonder about sometimes
in the Christmas story.
Mary was so young and Joseph too
did they worry about what it would mean for them
to have a special child?
This was a child who was given to them
by divine appointment
by an angel announcing it.
She didn’t read the news on a stick with a plus or minus
like someone would find out now.
She was told… don’t be afraid
you are with Child.
Did she have morning sickness and fatigue
just like other new mom’s?
What was it like to feel the movement of the
‘Holy Child’ within her?
What was she thinking
as she watched her roundness grow
did Joseph get excited or was he worried?
So much to think about
the Bible said ‘she kept it all near her heart’.
Wouldn’t we all?
So much to deal with
so much to handle
and emotionally.

Mary was just like other new moms who are expecting
only her child was to be different.
Divine appointment
Divine assignment.
Can you even imagine?
One week you are just a ‘young person’
the next week you are met with an angel
telling you
about a life changing moment.
Your life changing moment forever.
That you are to be the mother of the Holy Saviour
who would save not only the world
but yourself too.
I wonder…so much…
can you wonder with me?