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I remember it clearly, the day I was at work and the phone rang.
That was part of my customer service job at the pharmacy where I was working.
I heard my daughter’s voice on the other end, asking if I was sitting down?
I remember saying, should I be?
“Well mom, I’m having twins.”
Now I have to give a little background because 4 years earlier she had a tiny preemie baby,
our first granddaughter, weighing only 2 pounds 11 ounces.
Then add that history to the twin surprise.
This mom started praying.
I was able to go to many appointments and see the ‘babies’ labeled baby A and baby B.
I remember one ultrasound appointment the babies were very clear, and Hannah opened her eyes and looked right at us.
I almost jumped out of the chair; it was so amazing. Then Alexis gave us the thumbs up sign, as if to say, WE are ok.
They were born weighing 4.6 and 4.10 and very healthy. Alexis had a small stay in Nicu but she is a fighter and didn’t
stay there very long. They are identical in looks although we can tell them apart MOST of the time.

It was an exciting time. Yes, I worried, we also had another grandbaby coming from our son and his wife.
Three new little ones to love.
Now we have three who are graduating and talking about going to College.
I am not ready for them to grow into adults, but it is a part of life.
They are all wonderful, finishing their high school years, working at jobs, and today the girls turn 18.
It has been such a joyful time for us as grandparents.
Change is coming for us. They won’t be ‘just down the road’ the college might be a few hours away.
It is good for them but not necessarily good for grandparents.
Today is their birthday.
I remember it clearly, the day I was at work.