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I often wonder
did Mary and Joseph talk about the angels who told them
about the baby arriving?
Wouldn’t that be something special to share with each other?
How did it appear to you Joseph
and how did it appear to you Mary?
What did you feel or think?
Were you scared?
After all she was very young in her teens and he was just as unprepared.
Also I wonder did they know each other and were they friends before or
were they given the heavenly order
to become married then to get to know each other.
The other thing I wonder about
is if they ever talked about how Joseph saved her life.
For to be with child and unmarried Mary could have been stoned.
She knew the consequences and yet she said ‘I choose’.
I accept.
I will be obedient.
Joseph also knew that as he took her for his wife he was not only being obedient when he didn’t fully understand it all. He knew he had to do follow through for the angel told him to do it.
There was no discussion.
The angel said:
Joseph… take Mary to be your wife.
There were so many questions that could have come between the two of them.
So many worries and fears.
I often wonder
what they were thinking in the quiet of the night.

Do you often wonder?