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When Mary went to Elizabeth’s house she stayed with her for nearly three months and we are not told how she was when she returned home to Joseph.
She would be nearing her fourth month or so and round enough
that others would take notice that she was expecting a child.
Like other women who just spent time with a friend or cousin
her mind would be full of stories and conversations shared and treasured between Elizabeth and herself.
I imagine she would have told Joseph about the many things she discovered about Elizabeth’s story and her own for they were very similar in miraculous ways.
I am also imagining that they would have to start their journey to Bethlehem soon

since Joseph had to register Mary in the census and only had a certain amount of time to get that done.
The journey had to have been a difficult one for both of them.
I can’t imagine the fatigue they would experience along the way.
Did Joseph wear out the leather in his sandals from walking so much?
They would get tired as the days moved into nights
where would they have rested and how would she get comfortable?
I wonder what did they eat and how would they find water
was that miraculously provided like the manna from long ago and
were there streams along the way for refreshment?
I wonder what the weather was like for them.
I also wonder in those long hours as they listened to the clomping of the donkeys hooves did they talk and share with each other or was there a silence so intense words could not break the thoughts held inside of them.
So much is not shared with us as we read about the journey of Mary and Joseph.
So much to wonder and ask questions about
the wonderful story of a baby who would be born in a most symbolic way.
It’s a story of a savior who would come to us and a God
who did what he needed to do to reach out to a fallen world so we could have a chance.
I imagine it was the most miraculous gift given.
The greatest love story we will ever experience if we open our hearts to it.
The question is: Are we open?