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I have often wondered how the visit between Mary and Elizabeth played out.
Remember Mary is ‘with child’ and Elizabeth is also. Like most expectant mom’s the desire to encourage and or compare experiences with each other would be for them too. Both were expecting miraculous babies.
Both were amazed at the news and the power of the Spirit from on high.
I could just see or imagine how Mary would ask to feel Elizabeth’s tummy and the movement of the baby to be.
I find it amazing and hopeful that even in the word God showed value to unborn little ones.
It tells us how JOHN leaped in the womb upon hearing Mary’s voice. They have done studies about the unborn how they react or respond to music or stimuli. This was no different.
I wonder if Mary stayed with Elizabeth because she was accepting of her and maybe there were problems at home? Certainly Joseph had to have an agreement for her to travel to see Elizabeth.
We are never told about Mary’s family and their reaction to her ‘pregnancy.’
To be expecting and not be married would be a very serious crime meaning one could lose their life.
If Elizabeth was in her sixth month when Mary saw her, John would be close to Jesus age as they grew up.
He was also called to fulfil and used to proclaim the news about ‘the Lord.’
Amazing stories and an awesome God to choose a young teen and a old lady to fulfill the prophecy of a coming Savior.