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I found a wonderful saying the other day. I have no idea how to verify whether it was a real quote from the person I believe who wrote Winnie the pooh series.
“Its more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like, “what about lunch?” AA Milne
That is exactly who I like to be with. Simple too the point and not over done with words.
We have all met those kind who talk non stop and so much so that I want to just say, “hush.”
I love the real authentic way it sounds. What about lunch? that is relational.
On this first day of November the month for giving thanks. I am challenging us to be more real.
Keep it simple and in our speaking and in our friendships, be simple.
Don’t over expect things. Don’t demand. Just be.
Authentic and real behavior will get us so much further.
I also don’t like overly busy people who want to know more about things they do not need to know.
I love simplicity of words, life and life’s choices.
As I have gotten older and more mature I would rather be with someone who is real, and who does not demand from me their ‘expectation of our friendship.’
Rule makers don’t always make the best of friends.
At least in my point of view and experience.
Do you have a good friend who you can say to on any day, “what about lunch?”
During this time of Thanksgiving I challenge us to write down who we are thankful for and maybe even why we are thankful for them.
Then to take it a bit further and maybe even send them a note hand written letting them know of your gratefulness for them.
Simple words get to the heart. When we have lunch with someone we chat, we share and we break bread.
Relational experience and honest sharing.
Let’s begin today and see how our lives can be enriched by a simple question, ‘how about lunch?’