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Two days ago we received a call from my son in law telling us our daughter and her three daughters were in a serious car accident and our daughter was being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.
I couldn’t really process that news.
My heart felt like it was sinking.
We had a 45 minute drive and the whole time I was praying and hoping and wondering what was going on.
It is one of those times when you say an arrow prayer right up to God asking Him for protection.
It felt surreal for me to have half my family in one crumpled car.
The angels were working overtime and did their job very well.
The little girls were not visibly hurt at least for that day.
Sarah our daughter had neck and back trauma but not enough to create serious issues.
She could move her legs and feet and even though she was slammed hard it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
Many things could have been worse.
The lady who rear ended her going over fifty five miles per hour said ‘it was her fault’ as she was trying to light a cigarette and she apparently didn’t see our daughters car stopped with her left signal on. Sarah had three cars heading towards her and one full speed car coming behind her and the only thing she could do was try to get away from the full impact.
When she was hit from the rear it spun her car and pushed it into a fenced field missing a telephone pole by less than a few feet.
I believe the angels worked quickly to keep them all safe.
They will have residual headaches and soreness but they are alive and even though the car is crumpled our family was protected and safe.
I believe in Angels. 
I believe that nothing is by accident.
Even this kind of experience has a purpose.
I just feel so relieved that it all turned out as good as it did.
Have you ever had a time of feeling so incredibly thankful?
It would be good for us all to say ‘thank you’.