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My mother is dying.
It is a strange thing to think that soon I will be like many others in this ‘stage’ of life.
As my husband calls it, an orphan.
No parent.
Mothers day and Father’s day have been empty for me for a long time because of certain circumstances.
But now it will truly be an empty day.
No hallmark memories to fill the hallow space of heart.
Death is such a strange thing.
She is in a coma and not really responding.
It is a matter of time.
Perhaps a few days or even a few hours.
Eventually minutes when the breathing stops.
The heart gets a message to stop the beating.
Then the shell of the one who once lived will lay empty.
The angels come and escort the ‘one home’ to a heavenly home.
If they are a believer.
Those left behind will pick up the reminders of
when times were different.
When both of them were alive.
She has been leaving for quite some time.
Dementia and parkinson’s are the reason.
Dad passed away in September of last year.
Loss has been the story lately for my husband and I.
Starting with my husbands mom four years ago.
Then his dad, last March.
My dad, then a good friend within a week from each other.
My old special cat, the same week.
Two weeks ago another very special family friend and last week another family friend.
I am tired of saying good bye.