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I am Remembering the horrible day of September 11, 2001.
Twenty years ago I was watching a local talk show, making breakfast for my grand daughter who was about 2.
The show was interrupted and the first plane hit, it was hard to believe at first.
It was horrific as the news unfolded the events and the second plane hit, then the pentagon was attacked.
I was in complete shock watching all that trauma.
In the old days you could hear the news but not SEE it.
The images were awful and I remember trying to turn them off, so my little grand daughter would not see them.
I am in prayer for the 20 year anniversary.
I am in prayer for our country, our unsettled safety and even our leaders are in question.
It is really a hard and difficult time.
I heard the other day a verse I was wanting to share.
“And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” 1st Peter 3:15
Because I do believe I have a deep and abiding hope, even when things look crazy and uncertain.
It is definitely uncertain these days.
Twenty years ago we were all changed.
What have they said? it was all just a few minutes long.
Then the buildings fell and the ash and debris went flying everywhere.
No one could even imagine it.
No one had a clue.
It was a horrible event that always felt similar to the pearl harbor attacks.
We were caught off guard and we were not alert.
I pray that nothing ever happens like that ever again.
Oh I pray for protection. For God’s angels to cover us with peace and comfort.
If someone asks, I will give an answer to the hope that is in me.
From my heart and from my sincere mindset.
So many lives changed forever and so much of our history went down that day.
But in saying that, it was rebuilt. We are resilient and what was horrific is now a beautiful site of memory.
I have never been there but I have heard it is a sacred place.
Today I am remembering the horrible day of September 11 and praying with intensity for calm.