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I am in our trailer at the beach on a rainy day.
Typical Oregon weather, one day sunny and clear, the next one stormy and cold.
It is not a downpour but a constant heavy mist with a chill in the air.
Actually quite lovely if you appreciate the coast here.
It is quiet, I am alone and in my space.
I am enjoying the time to relax, read a magazine, or book and just not do anything.
We all need to take the time to do this kind of rest.
I miss my kitties and often wonder what they are doing while we are gone, Molly was very funny when we were getting ready to leave, I had opened our bedroom door.
Usually they don’t belong in there but when we are gone; I cover the quilts up with a sheet and then let them sleep on top of the bed, with the hopes that they won’t beat on our bedroom door while we are gone.
As we were getting ready to leave I called her, and she was no where. I called more and no sign of her, my husband called and nothing. We hoped she had not gotten outside as she is only inside.
No sign of Molly. Finally I went into our room and felt around the top of our bed and she was under the sheet and curled among the pillows. NOT where she is supposed to be.
As we got in the car I laughed at her trying desperately to hide.
She could hear us calling but she ignored it all. Hoping to be able to stay in her warm comfy spot.
Isn’t that a life lesson for us? Often the Lord will call us, nudge us, look for us and we hide.
Our comfort level doesn’t want to change.
Only until I physically found her and moved her did she leave that warm spot.
The Lord does that to us too often forcing us in a new direction whether we want one or not.
We drove away and I was still chuckling at that sneaky cat and my husband said, “you know that probably wasn’t the first time she has slept in that cozy spot.”
So true. She was so good at burrowing in without a mess I had no idea that’s where she was hiding.