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Our Pastor is doing a series on the topic of HURT.
What a heavy topic.
I sat there in the chair and thought, ‘I could write a whole book on that topic’.
This last year was an intense year of hurt, with mom O struggling with cancer and losing her battle. With a relationship that is close to me sending out words that not only hurt my heart but hurt my spirit too.
We remain unhealed. It will be a journey of ‘intense’ confrontation I am afraid and it will also require some deep seated ‘feelings’ to resurface. It will be no fun but it is necessary for healing to take place.
Pastor said, “sometimes we don’t intend to hurt others…there is emotional hurt~ spiritual hurt~ physical hurt~ and relationship hurt.” Sometimes we say words that are misunderstood or sometimes we say words that were intentionally twisted by the other person. Pastor said often our messy lives transition into hurtful ones. If someone is an emotional mess they will send off waves of pain towards anyone in their paths it is normal to lash out instead of look inward. It is normal to push away rather than push in.
Hurt means: to cause bodily injury to; to cause bodily pain; to affect adversely or hurt one’s reputation; to cause mental pain; to offend or grieve; to produce a painful sensation to some one.
These are heavy intense words.
Today, can you think of someone you have hurt who you need to go talk to?
Today, can you prayerfully ask God to stir within your spirit the words you have said that perhaps wounded someone?
I think this journey has to be a personal one to heal us from the ‘hurt’ and woundedness we carry.
God takes the hurt to produce a deeper character in us.
Are we willing to let him? and are we willing to take the steps to form the deeper character?
Leaving you with something to think about.