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This book was written by a new ‘friend of mine’.
After reading many reviews and chatting with her a few times on line I decided to give her book some attention on this blog site.
It is a part of my ’31 day challenge’ to be real.
I have not read the book as my own copy has not arrived yet
but I do know her story is real.
Her story is true.
Her story is the story of many who pass by us every day.
So much of our society is based on how much weight we carry how much exercise we should be doing or how much food we should consume in a 24 hour time frame.
I find myself thinking about it too every day as I log into my live strong food site.
This book shows us the extreme side of eating disorders and thought processes.
I can relate to some of this because at one point in time I do believe I had a ‘non’ diagnosed eating disorder.
Part of the reason was a blockage next to my stomach which made me nauseous and not wanting to eat and part of it was the ‘need’ to feel invisible.
It wasn’t an obvious thought process for me.
It was subtle and slow moving.
Often it is like that.
Eating disorders can go two ways.
Too much eating or not eating at all.
I can clearly remember one time when our children were little
I had been very sick for many months and not really able to keep food down. 
I was sitting across the desk of a nutritionist listening to her say,
“can you eat a piece of toast and drink some tea?” while she took notes on my answer.
Remembering the thought bringing nauseating and queasy feelings to me I told her I could eat a quarter of a piece of toast maybe but to eat the whole piece would be ‘too much’.
During that time frame I drank pots of coffee and ate little food.
I went to a weight loss group only I was there to log in every bite so I could be accountable to them for weight gain.
They were my cheerleaders.
Food is still is not a high priority of mine.
I eat because it keeps me alive.
I don’t eat because I thoroughly enjoy every bite.
I am learning to enjoy it more but in that process I am also learning that too much weight can be a problem.
Too much is just as dangerous as not enough.
Emily presents a down to earth very real portrayal of the disease and it’s dangerous path.
If you can read one book before the end of this year.
Make it this one.
You will gain insight and you will learn to understand what is in the hearts of many young people these days.
May we read her story and pray we can learn to help another in a process like hers.