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I was listening to my car radio the other day and a favorite Pastor of mine came on with a wonderful lesson.
I was actually surprised and happy he was on the radio teaching.
His name was Ron Mehl he was the Pastor at Beaverton Four Square church, Beaverton Oregon.
There is a website called Heart of the word which is the continuation of his ministry.
I always loved his teachings as he was a man on a journey fighting leukemia, always praying for healing and always trusting in God’s process and time.
He was not just here playing games, he was here to share God with who ever would listen.
He passed away many years ago but I still enjoy his teaching and listening to his very gentle voice.
The title of the talk for the day was ‘Lessons to be learned by the hero’s of old’, sharing about the prophets of the Old Testament and how we can learn from their stories.
In the book of Hebrews which is in the New Testament and in chapter 12:1-3 there is the growing and living by faith chapter that tells us we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us.
It is always good to remember our walk of faith has purpose.
1st thing to remember: he said recall what we have learned.
Remember the former days of our lives and how God has blessed us.
Remember how he delivered us.
Elijah heard the still small voice and listened.
Mary listened and believed in the miracle she was to be a part of.
Shadrach said going into the fires: We will not be broke down.
Each of them said, “Lord what do you want me to do?”
2nd thing to remember: he said to walk by faith and listen to the voice speaking to us.
Surrender to the plan even if we don’t understand it, we know our problem and He knows how to fix it.
3rd thing to remember: he said remember God always comes through for us, we must learn to resist great doubt.
He is faithful and will come through in his time and maybe not ours.
4th thing to remember: he said we need to learn to say, “God persist in our hearts. Teach us to be faithful.
I will trust you and will not quit even when I don’t fully understand.
No matter what I will trust in you.”
5th thing to remember: he said to stand in your faith.
Stand firm always.
As you pray for your family, your friends and others.
Remember to say,
“Lord you are the only one who can make this happen and then step back in trust.”
Daniel in the Old testament prayed and a nation was changed.
He said to remember the former days and how far we have come.
He always comes through as a rescuer for us, even when we don’t expect it to happen.
He said, learn to not ask so much and just trust him.
We are called to endure and wait, living by faith and trusting and believing.
Real love always includes sacrifice.
Sacrificial, biblical love. Giving up what we love the most.
It is not friendship love, it is love that gives deeply from a bleeding heart.

The heart of the word, giving up oneself so that others can be healed and blessed through the message.