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Heading into the Thanksgiving season,
I realized the other day that the holiday is almost upon us.
Seems like the year has just raced past us.
We had such an interesting year with a major move, a death and losses on many levels.
I am still recovering from the change.
It was a good change.
We needed to move from a two story home to a single level; only it happened so fast I am still trying to navigate through boxes.
When you pray for a new direction be very aware HE might show you in a mighty way.
Our house sold quickly and we had a very short window of time to find a new one.
Our little home is cozy, and the yard isn’t much; but it’s just enough for us.
I thought I needed all the ‘other’ things we had, but in reality when we moved many of the them were not needed.
We rehomed at least 10 pieces of furniture, boxes of ‘goodwill’ items and an assortment of clothes for a church drop off.
I love to repurpose things, or give things away.
It is fun to bless others with something; Or as a last resort I will sell something.
As we are settling into this new place we call home.
I am feeling most thankful that all of our grand children live close to us.
Our grown children did not move far away so we can see them very easily within an hours drive.
We have a good relationship with both of them and they both call us often.
We can go to events at the schools or extra activities the kids are a part of and it is nice to be a face in the audience.
I feel thankful that our health is good.
I feel thankful that our finances are not in bad shape.
I feel thankful that we have a wonderful church home and a good small group of people we associate with.
Heading into Thanksgiving I challenge you to write down the things in your life you can be thankful for.