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Today is my husbands birthday!
Walking with our grand daughter Faith on our favorite beach.
Loving your Pontoon boat and your old black dementia dog. OBDD.
Loving your grandsons Josiah and Samuel.
Loving your grand daughters Hannah and Alexis.
Loving your camping trips.
Showing off your fish…the one that didn’t get away.
Chatting with baby Seth.

Saying Good bye to your mother… in such a wonderful powerful way.
A tribute to a beautiful lady.
Happy Birthday honey…you are a light in my world.
We are a team.
You put up with my funny ways and my memory issues :o)
You are love when I am unlovable
(remember my mumps twice…what a fat face)
You are my cheerleader
My encourager
My friend
for 38 years we have forged together
and for 1 month we were the same age.
Now you are the older man.
(for those who don’t know we are 11 months apart)
You scared me with your liver biopsy but the results were good.
Our God is a mighty God and kept you safe.
Happy Birthday…I hope to share many more with you.
Hope your day is a good one.