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I wanted to bring up something I saw today at Target. It bothered my heart and my grandma radar was in shock as I walked by the little girls department the age range was little girls ages 4-7. There was a section of clothes that totally rocked my grandma world. On the rack was a very short black mini skirt with black lace leggings to go with it. I mean this skirt was short and black and very ‘revealing’ with black lace leggings for a little girl who is going to be running and playing at recess on swings and teeter toter’s. For a little girl who is under age 5 and totally innocent to what she is wearing or trying to look like. Am I over reacting or just old fashioned or is it really way out of line for some parents to purchase this and let their child wear it in public? It reminded me of the show toddlers and tiaras. I really dislike that show. The show is about little toddlers who are at a tender innocent age and still babies made up to dress as if they are 16 with makeup and fancy outfits and the parents are expecting them to perform. The little girls cry and whine because they don’t want to have their pictures taken or the makeup on or the scratchy dress. It is the parent who sitting there telling them they have to perform it feels like a form of exploitation. It is the parent who has the problem or sick dream. Good grief the first time I saw a preview of that show it almost made me nauseous. What is the message we are sending our little girls? Little girls who are precious and beautiful and innocent. I just spent time with my grand daughters this weekend and I want them to grow up slowly and with the knowledge that they do not have to do or wear anything to make them more pretty or more precious. They do not have to perform or pretend they are valued. They are loved and valued for who they are just because they are my grand daughters. Lord God I pray we do not send a ‘wrong’ message to our little girls. Help them to know they are precious no matter what they wear.