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I have been trying to think of a blog writing lately.
My brain often is a bit tired and I can’t focus intensely the way I used to when this blog first began.
I was saying out loud today,
“Oh I do need to think of another blog writing and I don’t know what to share.”
One of our grand daughters suggested that I write about them.
The grand children.
Now that is a good topic and often times entertaining too.
We are grandparents to six ranging in ages two to fourteen.
The two year old is almost three, and I also do day care with my nieces little one who is almost age four.
The children keep me busy and keep me listening and on task to the day’s activities.
We have three grand sons and three grand daughters.
Our daughter had the girls and our son had the boys.
Last weekend we watched the boys.
They are Samuel age nine, Josiah age five and Seth almost three.
One of the rules at their house is no one gets out of bed till seven in the morning.
It was a wonderful ‘waiting’ time for grandma.
Of course Seth didn’t abide by that time frame.
The first morning he was awake yelling at the door at six-thirty am.
In fact the second day he was awake early too.
The difference was the first one the he woke up ‘crying’ for mommy.
The second day he woke up singing the ABC song.
I could hear him singing as I entered the room very quietly and stood there for the longest time just listening.
He laid in his bed singing the precious little song not knowing anyone was with him.
When he saw me he just said ‘hi’ and wanted out of bed.
I think God was very wise when he made grand parents.
We play a special role and we are blessed to pray for each one of these little ones.

I feel honored and challenged by the responsibility and the privilege of loving these little people.
Grandchildren are a blessing in our old age.
I pray that as we watch them and listen to them our wisdom and prayers will make a difference for many years to come for them.