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Our grand daughters are wonderful too.
Faith Elizabeth is fourteen. Heading into high school and growing way too fast for this grandma’s heart.
Following her are our surprise twins. Hannah Kay and Alexis Marie who are age nine.
Having twins is challenging enough but when they are identical it makes it way more of a challenge when trying to feed them as a baby or caring for them.
I still get confused at times if they have their back to me and I am not paying attention to what they are wearing.
I have learned to be patient with them.
I have also learned how to amuse them or challenge them and allow them to amuse and challenge me.
I have also learned that they don’t want things as much as they want time spent with us.
The beach is always a fun time of making memories.
We have spent hours and hours there together.

It is a time for us to listen to them.
To slow down.
To really hear what they are saying with their words or not.
Grand children teach us to think they way they think and to enjoy their kind of humor.
They are joyful and tiring both at the same time.
They bring us to our knees more times than we can count.
They also give us pictures for our photo albums and our hearts.
Grand children teach us so many things as long as we remain teachable.
Lord I pray we remain teachable.