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On October 7th at 11:00 am we took our old Emma Rose in to the vet’s office for an assessment and for her to pass on and be in peace.
Her arthritis was very bad and she was becoming more uncomfortable when walking and laying down.
The pain pills were helping but we didn’t want to increase the dosage given to her.
Her teeth were gone she had small nubs in her mouth so her food was moistened in order for her to eat.
Both of her eyes had cataract’s in them she could only see things with ‘blurred vision’.
Her heart was failing and she was breathing hard most of the time unless she fell into a deep sleep.
Then sometimes she would wet on herself because of the sleep or because she couldn’t get up quick enough.
It was becoming more clear to us her dignity and quality of life was leaving and she was not in peace.
I had worked through the deep grief for a few months now.
Knowing this was coming I felt a deep inner peace.
I had given her the last ‘bowl’ of dog food with warm water.

 Then we let her walk around the yard and do her duties.

She then came over to the patio and laid down.
She seemed to know something or at least it felt like that to me.
She made it to a good age of 15 in fact the vet had her birthday as 11/98 I am not sure if that was accurate but we do know she was old and it was her time to go.
It was hard to say good-bye but I knew it was the right thing to do.
I felt many mixed feelings.
In the vets office at one point she crawled over and laid her head on my foot.
I struggle with ‘knowing’ we put her down.
Usually when an animal of ours needs that done they are very near death so it was just a ‘little help’ for them.
She might have had a few more months and she would have died at home in the yard if we had not ‘taken her in.’
The vet said to us, “she is leaving with dignity”.
That is all we wanted to hear.

Emma Rose you were our beautiful red Australian cattle dog, a grand queensland heeler.

 We will always love and miss you.