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God chooses you for a purpose in your life, so you can say completely, “I am chosen.”
Whether you believe in a God or not, you are chosen to live the life you have been given.
Our Pastor continued his teaching on The Increase and I of course took many notes.
We find increase in our lives by identifying our identity.
Some of us have made the wrong agreements that have shaped us towards a wrong direction.
When we say agreement, it is not a ‘verbal’ YES. It is a spiritual ‘agreement’ in our heart.
For instance if someone told us when we were young we were not pretty, or not smart, we could take that internally and then make the agreement to ourselves that ‘no matter what’, I cannot be pretty or smart.
It is an internal agreement.
Identity has everything to do with who you see you are. If you believe in yourself then you can do well.
If you feel you will fail then you possibly will. Your Identity shapes your future.
It is about Who made us and who empowers us to walk whole.
If we don’t allow our identity to lead us to a positive direction; possibly towards God who made us, we will turn and move away from Him and become more negative.
Pastor said, “Learn to find the right reflection of you. Grasp it and don’t let it go.”
It is transformational, to understand and see who you really are in the EYES of the Lord who loves you.
Pastor said God always takes our weaknesses and expands them towards our growth.
If I am by nature a introvert which I am (which is not a weakness but if I am leader it could be).
God might ask me to go to a seminar and be a part of a large group. Not my comfort zone but through that process I could grow stronger in areas so I can move forward in others.
Sometimes God has to lower us, in order to elevate us.
1 Samuel 16: “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
It is a heart condition that stirs our identity and direction.
David was chosen in this passage of Samuel because his heart was balanced, anointed and gifted.
God knew his heart condition was right and He knew He trusted in a process.
David was not scared when he fought Goliath because HE knew the power was from God.
In his weakness he might have said, “HE is big”; In his faith, he said, “MY God is bigger.”
He had confidence that God would not leave him alone in the time of need when meeting the enemy.
We find strength when we meet our Goliath’s in life and realize they have NO power over us.
Learn to find the right reflection of yourself and grasp it with a firm grip.
Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter because the truth is, your identity was given by Him when you were born. What you do with that information is your destiny. It is your choice.
He chose you for a purpose and that purpose is to find His love.